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What does food have to do with it?

Our hormones are made and utilized from nutrients. If our bodies aren’t taking in these nutrients, properly digesting them, and absorbing them then our endocrine system will have trouble functioning properly…thus leading to problems with fertility. 

Both female and male nutrition and overall health status prior to conception is critical. By giving attention to your body prior to conception you are setting up your chances for greater success. This does not mean it’s a guarantee to conceive, but rather stacking the odds in your favor. 


feed your fertile body™

Feed Your Fertile Body™ is a 6 week pre-conception preparation and fertility optimization program. We will cover topics such as:

  1. Fats & Fertility
  2. Finding balance with sweet foods
  3. Basic food preparation techniques
  4. Increase fertility and decreasing inflammation
  5. Being a super absorber of nutrients
  6. Gut reactions: Generational effects of intestinal and vaginal microbiota


What can you expect from this program?

✔️ Balanced and empowering information

✔️ Emotional awareness

✔️ Inclusivity

✔️ Non-judgmental attitude

✔️ Evidence-based information and recommendations


Every participant will receive the following:


🔸 A ready-to-use workbook in 6 modules, plus bonus material

🔸 6 group meetings with interactive activities

🔸Access to the private Facebook for participants